About Us

The Gendered Violence and Abuse Research Alliance (GeVARA) is a network of applied researchers at RMIT University bringing a range of expertise to address issues including: domestic violence, family violence, violence against transgender women, rape and sexual assault, gender-based stalking, sexual harassment, trafficking, exploitation, sex discrimination and same-sex violence.

You can view videos from some of our recent events here via YouTube.

Our Aims and Vision

The aim of GeVARA is to facilitate high quality research, knowledge translation, as well as education and training to inform policy, prevention and practice addressing gendered violence and abuse.

The School of GUSS at RMIT has a long history of researching violence against women and gender based violence that feeds into policy and practice nationally, internationally and locally. We also provide a range of research consultancy, teaching and training for both students and professionals, as well as public seminars and community engagement activities.

Through this work we strive for a society where everyone can live free of violence and abuse.

Who We Are

The RMIT Gendered Violence and Abuse Research Alliance (GeVARA) is an initiative of the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies (GUSS) at RMIT University.

Members of the research alliance represent an interdisciplinary expertise in examining gendered violence – its nature, causes and impacts – with the goal of informing policy, prevention and practice. Our members bring together knowledge of gendered violence across their research, teaching and/or advocacy work, as well as drawing on collaborations and shared knowledge development with industry.

Our Members

The founding members and co-convenors of GeVARA are Dr Lisa Harris, Associate Professor Georgina Heydon and Associate Professor Anastasia Powell.

A complete list of GeVARA members and their profiles is available on Our Members page.